Table (linked) Description
addresses Contains addresses for Customers, Vendors, Sales Orders, Sales History, Purchase Orders, Purhase History,Job Cost, Employees, Warehouses, Sales People, Territories, Company
ap_batch_items Details of the saved unposted AP payment batches
ap_batches Headers of saved AP batches
ap_transactions_links Links from AP transactions debits to credits. Saves all history of linking and unlinking.
ap_transactions Transactions posted to AP
ar_transaction_links Links from AR transactions debits to credits. Saves all history of linking and unlinking.
ar_transactions Transactions posted to AR
bom_categories Categories available to Production Templates
bom_item_replacements Unposted code changes for Template and Production Order components
countries List of available countries for addresses
currencies Currencies, their rates and rate history
customer_code_changes List of unposted customer code changes containing old code and new code
customers Customer master list
email_templates Email templates created by users available when emailing from modules
employee_t4s T4’s for each year created
employees Employees master list
equipment List of customer equipment available to service module
gl_accounts General Ledger chart of accounts
gl_allocations Allocation percentages to disburse to multiple GL accounts when posting
gl_divisions GL division list
gl_groups General Ledger group list
gl_history_accounts Chart of accounts previous to last year
gl_history_divisions Divisions previous to last year
gl_history_groups GL Groups previous to last year
gl_history_periods Periods used previous to last year
gl_history_segments Segments used previous to last year
gl_history_subgroups Subgroups used previous to last year
gl_history_transactions GL Transactions previous to last year
gl_periods General Ledger periods
gl_reconciliation_items Detail from unposted account reconciliation
gl_reconciliations Header info from unposted account reconciliation
gl_recurring_pending List of recurring entries and their schedule
gl_recurring_transactions Details of recurring transactions
gl_segments GL Segments used
gl_special_accounts Control accounts used in posting
gl_subgroups GL Subgroups available
gl_transactions GL Transactions from last year, this year and next year
inventory Inventory and warehouse master list
inventory_adjustment_items Details of unposted inventory adjustments and warehouse transfers
inventory_adjustments Header details for adjustments
inventory_comments Pre-defined comments available for sales orders
inventory_kit_items Components contained in a kit
inventory_kits inventory_kits
inventory_levy_codes Levy codes and their rates that can be assigned to inventory
inventory_part_no_changes Un-applied part number changes containing old and new part number
inventory_price_matrix List of all available special customer prices and their methods
inventory_pricing Inventory prices (moved to inventory_uoms Spire 2.7)
inventory_product_codes Product codes available for assignment to inventory
inventory_promo_codes List of available promo/reason for price matrix
inventory_receipts Inventory receipts from purchase orders and inventory adjustments
inventory_requisitions Inventory requisitions that come from Sales Orders, Production Orders and inventory.
inventory_serial_numbers List of all serial numbers and lost numbers available and sold
inventory_serial_transactions Transactions of each movement of a serial number or lot number
inventory_statistics Period and year containing quantity sold of each item
inventory_uoms Units of measure available for each inventory item
inventory_upc_codes UPC codes available for inventory.
inventory_warehouses Warehouses available for inventory
job_items Details posted to job cost from GL, AR, AP, Sales, Purchases, Payroll and direct from job cost
jobs Jobs and their details containing total income, costs and hours posted
note_types List of available types of notes for communications
notes Communication details
payment_terms Payment terms and their details available to customers and vendors.
payroll_depts Departments for payroll containing GL accounts for posting
payroll_schedules Schedules available for employees
phase_history Historical movements of phases in Sales, Purchases and Production containing details of starting and ending dates/times.
phases List of available phases for sales, purchases and production
production_history Posted production headers
production_history_items Posted production details
production_order_items Unposted production order details
production_orders Unposted production details
production_template_items Production template details
production_templates Production template headers
purchase_history Purchase history headers
purchase_history_items Purchase history details
purchase_order_items Details of purchase orders not closed
purchase_orders Headers of purchase orders not closed
record_types Contains the text and background colour of customer, vendor or inventory
sales_departments Sales departments for Inventory containing GL accounts for Inventory asset, Cost of goods and Sales accounts
sales_history Sales history headers
sales_history_equipment Equipment details posted with sales
sales_history_items Sales history details
sales_history_payments Payments on history invoices
sales_order_archives Sales Order headers of all deleted sales orders
sales_order_batches Batch details including profit centre and location
sales_order_equipment Equipment attached to un posted ales Order
sales_order_item_archives Details of all deleted sales orders
sales_order_items Un-posted Sales Order details
sales_order_payment_archives Payments assigned to deleted Sales Orders
sales_order_payments Payments assigned to open Sales Orders when sales orders set to batched mode
sales_orders Sales order headers
sales_taxes Sales taxes and their rates
salespeople Salespeople master list
shipping_methods Shipping methods available for sales and purchases
system_filters User and company filters and details
system_record_locks Record is added to locks when a user has a record open
system_report_permissions Contains report security for company and users
system_sequence_numbers Next sequence number for each document
system_settings Contains the settings for the company
system_users User list
territories Territory master list
timecard_entries Each timecard line from Payroll
timecards Timecard headers
udf_fields User defined fields from each module
udf_pages User defined pages/tabs from each module
vendor_code_changes Un-posted vendor code changes containing old and new code
vendor_pricing Vendor pricing for Inventory used for purchases
vendors Vendor master list
zip_codes Zip/Postal codes, provinces and states

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