Any number of notes can be added to an order that can have several options.

Subject – Gives the note a subject
Type – This groups notes by a type and must come from lookup list if used
Body – The details of a note
Attachments – Any number of attachment links can be added to the communication, and then later opened with the default program. Attachments are saved in sales history when the order is invoiced
Assigned To – Who is responsible for this note or task
Number – A numeric field that be used for custom reports
Due Date – When the assigned communication/task is die for completion. If the user logs into Spire and there are communications that are due today or earlier they will be ‘popped’ is a message. This is also added to the users calendar.
Completed Date – The field to enter a date when it has been completed.
Print – Select if the contents should be printed on one of below:
Where – Select what document the message should be printed on. Spire’s stock reports have these messages on them, however they are defaulted to hidden so your consultant can un-hide them for you. The choices are:

  • Packing Slip
  • Picking Slip
  • Booking Order
  • Invoice
  • Order Confirmation
  • Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Work Order

Alert – If the message is set as an alert, the message will be presented to the user when the order is edited. If the alert is not set the communications tab on the order simply turns red.

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