Allows multiple vendor prices to be added to each item.

  • Inventory – Warehouse and part number
  • Vendor – Vendor name
  • Vendor Part No – Part number the vendor uses and will print on Spire’s default purchase order number instead of companies part number.
  • Start Date – Starting date for this price
  • End Date – Ending date for this price
  • Automatically delete price after expiry – Deletes the modified price when it expires
  • Unit of Measure – Unit of measure for this price
  • Minimum Order Qty – Minimum order quantity for this price. When the item is added to the PO it will put at least this quantity on the order. (uses the suggested order quantity from the inventory list)
  • Cost Price – Your cost from the vendor
  • Variance – Difference from the current cost in inventory
  • Automatically update vendor cost in receiving – When a PO is received and the cost is different than this, this price will be updated ONLY if it does not have a start or end date.
  • Quantity breaks – Prices for different quantities ordered

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