On the upper section it shows:

  • Number – The lot number
  • Hold – Whether it is on hold. This is used to quarantine lot numbers
  • Available Qty – How many are still available to sell or for production
  • Unit Cost – Cost of this lot number
  • Sell Price – Sell price of this lot number
  • Expiry Date – Expiration or best before date

You can select a lot number and see its disposition. The information shown is:

  • Number – The lot number
  • Type – Type of movement. Can be PROD for PO receipt or Production consumption
  • No – The document number can be a Purchase order, an Invoice, a Production or adjustment number
  • Receipt No – Receipt number
  • Date – Date of transaction
  • Unit Cost – Cost of the lot receipt
  • Received Qty – How many were received on a PO or consumed in production
  • Sales Qty – How many were sold

As you can see by the data saved on a lot number a full tractability can be done. It takes literally seconds to find out where an item came from, who it got sold to, what other item it was consumed by and how many are left in stock.

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