T5018s can be printed individually or from a selected list. From inside the T5018 itself the print button will print a T5018 for just this one person/company. From the T5018 list it will print the highlighted T5018 and a T5018 summary.

If printing T5018 and T5018 summary, give one copy to the recipient and send one copy to CRA along with the T5018 summary. The recipient’s copy also includes instructions on how to report the T5018 information on their income tax return. If remitting T5018 electronically the recipient still needs to receive a printed copy. (See next section for filing T5018 electronically.)

Print T5018 and Summary

Printed T5018

T5018 Summary

The T5018 summary is the total of all amounts included on all T5018s. Be sure to select print all when printing the summary.

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