Table (linked) Description
Table List and Description List of all tables in Spire
addresses All Address records
ap_batch_items Saved Accounts Payable payment batch items
ap_batches Saved Accounts Payable Batches
ap_transactions_links Link Accounts Payable Debit transactions to Credit transactions
ap_transactions Accounts Payable Transactions
ar_batches Accounts Receivable payment batches
ar_batch_items Accounts Receivable payment batch items
ar_transaction_links Link Accounts Receivable Credit transactions to Debit transactions
ar_transactions Accounts Receivable transactions
bom_categories Bill of Materials categories
bom_item_replacements Saved Production Order and Template Components replacements
cash_out_payment_methods Payment Methods selected in Cash Outs
cash_outs Cash Outs performed
countries Table for Countries
currencies Currency rates
customer_code_changes Customer Code changes
customers Customers
email_templates Email templates
employee_roe_details Details on the Record of Employment
employee_roes Record of Employment reports
employee_t4s Employee T4 records
employees Employees
equipment Equipment; All Equipment labels are user definable however database field names do not change
gl_accounts General Ledger Accounts
gl_allocations General Ledger Allocation posting control
gl_divisions General Ledger divisions. Only one record will exist for non divisionalized companies. One extra record will exist for divisionalized companies, ‘000’, for the consolidated division.
gl_groups General Ledger Account Groups
gl_history_accounts Historical General Ledger Accounts as they were when the Year End Close was performed for the Fiscal Year ending as stated in year_end.
gl_history_divisions General Ledger divisions as they were when the Year End Close was performed for the Fiscal Year ending as stated in year_end. Only one record will exist for non divisionalized companies. One extra record, ‘000’, will exist for divisionalized companies for the consolidated division.
gl_history_groups General Ledger Groups as they were when the Year End Close was performed for the Fiscal Year ending as stated in year_end.
gl_history_periods General Ledger Fiscal Periods as they were when the Year End Close was performed for the Fiscal Year ending as stated in year_end.
gl_history_segments General Ledger segments as they were when the Year End Close was performed for the Fiscal Year ending as stated in year_end.
gl_history_subgroups General Ledger subgroups as they were when the Year End Close was performed for the Fiscal Year ending as stated in year_end.
gl_history_transactions General Ledger history transactions for the fiscal year ending as stated in year_end.
gl_periods General Ledger Periods for Last Year, This Year and Next Year
gl_reconciliation_items List of Reconciliation items
gl_reconciliations Reconciliations saved, not yet posted
gl_recurring_pending Recurring transactions
gl_recurring_transactions Templates defining Recurring transactions
gl_segments General Ledger Segments
gl_special_accounts Special Accounts for system posting
gl_subgroups General Ledger Account Sub Groups
gl_transactions General Ledger Transactions for the fiscal last year, this year and next year
inventory All Inventory items, one record exists for each warehouse, part number combination
inventory_adjustment_items Items in Inventory Adjustment batches
inventory_adjustments Inventory Adjustment batches
inventory_comments Comments to be used on Sales Orders in the place of Inventory
inventory_components Kit and Macro Inventory components
inventory_counts Inventory Count batches
inventory_count_details Inventory Count item records, one record for each count entered, for every part number counted
inventory_labels Schema for temp table created when printing Inventory labels
inventory_levy_codes Table for Levies
inventory_lot_trace Schema for temp table created for records located during Lot Trace Print process
inventory_part_no_changes Part Number changes saved but not yet applied
inventory_price_matrix Price Matrix records
inventory_product_codes Inventory product groups
inventory_promo_codes Promotional codes used by Price Matrix
inventory_receipts Inventory Receipts through Purchase Orders, Inventory Adjustments/Transfers, Production Orders, Sales Order returns, each record includes FIFO/LIFO information
inventory_requisitions Records created by Sales Orders, Production Orders or Inventory Requisitions, used to create Production Orders or Purchase Orders
inventory_serial_numbers Serial numbers and lot numbers
inventory_serial_transactions Serial number and lot number transactions
inventory_statistics Inventory Sales Statistics by financial period
inventory_uoms Inventory Unit of Measure records
inventory_upc_codes Universal Product Codes link to Inventory items
inventory_warehouses Inventory Warehouses
job_items Job transactions
jobs Jobs
note_types Communication Note types
notes Communication Notes
payment_methods Payment Methods
payment_terms Payment Terms for Sales and Purchases
payroll_depts Payroll Departments containing control settings for posting timecards
payroll_schedules Payroll Schedules for each pay frequency
phase_history Table to store the changes to Phases on Orders
phases Phases available to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Production Orders
production_history Production Orders that have been built
production_history_items Built Production Order component details
production_order_items Production Order component details
production_orders Production Orders not yet fully built
production_template_items Production Template component details
production_templates Production Templates
purchase_history Closed Purchase Orders
purchase_history_items Items on closed Purchase Orders
purchase_order_items Items on open Purchase Orders
purchase_orders Open Purchase Orders
purchase_receipts All receipts in Purchase Orders
record_types Customer and Inventory types
sales_departments Inventory Sales Departments
sales_history Posted Sales Invoices
sales_history_equipment Equipment attached to posted Invoices
sales_history_items Posted Sales Invoice lines
sales_history_payments Payments on posted Sales Invoices
sales_order_batches Sales Order batches
sales_order_equipment Equipment attached to open Sales Orders
sales_order_items Sales Orders lines not yet posted
sales_order_payments Payments made on Sales Orders
sales_orders Sales Orders not yet posted
sales_taxes Sales Taxes
salespeople Salespeople
shipping_methods Shipping Methods
system_filters Tables for saved filters
system_record_locks Control lock records being edited by a user
system_report_permissions Control report permissions when Report security is enabled in Company settings or User settings
system_sequence_numbers Control all of the next sequence numbers i.e. trans_no, order_no, invoice_no etc.
system_settings Control system settings and values
system_users_base User list
territories Sales Territories
timecard_entries Timecard pay records
timecards Payroll timecards
udf_fields UDF field definitions
udf_pages UDF page definitions
vendor_code_changes Saved Vendor Code changes
vendor_pricing Vendor prices per part number
vendors Vendors
zip_codes U.S.A. Zip codes

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