Payroll schedules are desirable to create if you want to maintain more useful descriptions with each pay period, or if you have weekly or biweekly pay frequencies for employees. Generating a pay schedule at the beginning of the year might also reveal that an additional period will be required for week-based frequencies, based on the calendar and the selected day for timecards.

To access the list of Payroll Schedules, open the Payroll menu.

Each schedule is associated with a particular year, and you may see schedules from previous years listed. A year can have multiple schedules available, but only one schedule for each pay frequency may be created.

Each schedule contains a list of pay periods with their associated pay dates, and descriptions you can maintain as desired. By default, pay period descriptions are the dates with full-word months.

Clear – Delete all the listed periods, typically used when you are creating a new schedule and want to start from scratch.

Generate – Create a new list of pay periods, based on the selected parameters.

Year – The current Payroll year from Company Settings, which can only be seen and not edited.

Pay Frequency – Select from the available supported list, to match the frequencies in which you pay employees.

Week Day – Choose the day paid for frequencies related to weeks. For other frequencies, this field is not editable.

Start Date – Visible only for Biweekly pay frequencies. Enter a date to generate a list that excludes pay periods before this date. Leave blank to assume January 1 is the start.

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