Timecard batch list

This list shows a list of timecard batches for each date. The totals of all the amounts in each of the timecards are shown here.

Export – A filtered list of the batch totals can be exported to Excel or csv
Add – To add a batch of timecards
Edit – Edit a batch of timecards
Delete – Delete a batch of timecards. Can only be deleted if they are not posted.
Print – Print reports for selected or all batches of timecards


Payroll Ledger – Prints a list of employee timecards, grouped by pay date, with gross and net pay amounts.

Payroll Ledger by Employee – Prints a list of employee timecards, grouped by employee, with gross and net pay amounts.

Receiver General by Payroll Dates – Prints a list of timecards, grouped by month, with employee tax, EI and CPP amounts and totals to remit to CRA.

Workers Compensation Remittance – Prints a list of timecards for employees that have a workers compensation rate defined, grouped by month, with calculated remittance amounts.

Timecard Batch Edit

Within a batch is a list of one or more employees being paid, with a Payroll Date selected for the pay period and accounting. Highlighting an employee shows their timecard codes, benefits and deductions for this batch, below the batch employee list.

Some of the data like tax, EI and CPP can be edited from this grid for Unposted timecards. As an employee is added to the batch their withholdings, deductions and benefits are automatically calculated. When amounts of pay are added they are re-calculated.

Timecard list

Open Employee – Will open the highlighted employee for editing and viewing.
Add Timecards – Timecards can be added to the batch by payroll department, pay period or all eligible employees.
Post Timecards – Choose to Post timecards for either just the selected employees or the entire batch.
Void Timecards – Void selected timecards previously posted, and generates a new GL transaction to reverse the amounts.
Export EFT – Exports the amounts and banking info to a file in the format specified on your Ledger bank account, for uploading to a bank for direct deposit.
View Transaction – Views the GL transaction for the selected employee timecard, only if it has been posted.
Change Pay Periods – Choose a new pay period frequency and sequence number, to update the period value for all employees in the batch.
Show UDF – If User Defined Fields are configured for timecards, this screen contains this information.

Payroll Date – Date of this batch of timecards. When adding an employee to this batch, the payment period is calculated from this date and their payment frequency.
Employee – The highlighted employee’s code and name.

Timecard entry codes list

Add Pay – A drop-down list of all timecard entry codes assigned to the highlighted employee, to select from and add the code to the list. Other timecard entry codes not listed here can still be added to timecards, by clicking in the blank row of the Code column and typing or looking up the desired code.
Delete – Remove an entry code from the list.
Show UDF – If User Defined Fields are configured for timecard entry codes, this screen contains this information.

Irregular timecards

Multiple timecards for the same employee can be created for the same pay period, such as for bonuses or commissions. These additional timecards will be marked with an Irregular status, and any Benefits and Deductions associated with the employee will default as zero, but can be modified as needed. It is typically recommended to enter irregular timecards after the regular timecard for the pay period has been entered and posted, if possible.


When editing a timecard, you can access the reports toolbar button to print either payroll checks or the direct deposit slips for electronic deposits. These reports can also be printed immediately after posting a timecard batch.

Payroll Cheque – Bottom / Center / Top – Prints a 3-part check form for selected or all employees within the timecard, with a check portion and two identical sections with employee timecard income and deductions. The reports differ only with the location of the check portion within the form.

Payroll Direct Deposit Slip – Prints a 2-part form for selected or all employees within the timecard, with a check portion and a section with employee timecard income and deductions. This report is typically emailed to employees as a PDF attachment, rather than printed to paper.

Video Instruction Processing Payroll Timecards

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